18 October 1967: GrandMaster Right Worshipful Brother Jess Minton convened the American Canadian Provincial Grand Lodge (ACGPL)in Lahr.He then installed and invested the Master and the   Officers of Black Forest Lodge No.901(BF901),closed the ACPGL and opened BF 901 under dispensation.This date was also the 99th anniversary of our host Lodge:Freimaurerloge Allvater zum freien Gedanken at Lahr.

23 March 1968:A ceremony of consecration was held in the Lodge hall at Lahr.BF 901 was presented with their Charter by Rt Wor. Jess Minton.

April 1971: Rt.Wor.Gordon C Greenwood became the first Canadian G.M. of the ACPGL.

February 1973: Aftermany hours of operative labor by the Brethren,the Lodge Keller was opened.

January 1977: BlackForest 901 combined with Dominion 848 at Baden-Baden to host the first Robbie Burns Anniversary celebration within the American Canadian Grand Lodge(ACGL).

March 1978: Tenth anniversary of Black Forest 901:Keynotespeaker Rt.Wor.Bro.Hugo Thomas.

June 1986: At a joint meeting in Lahr,BF 901 and Lafayette Lodge No.51 in Strasbourg,held a twinning ceremony.

May 1987:  BF901 travelled to Ludwigsburg and twinned with Hiram Lodge No.819.

26 March 1988: 20th Anniversary of BF 901.Rededication Ceremony of the Lodge in the presence of the Past Grand Master, Rt. Worshipgul Jess Minton with several of the founding members in attendance.

Sept 1990: The resident Brethren of Dominion Lodge 848,Baden-Baden determined that it was no longer viable to keep that Lodge operating.Amalgamation of Dominion Lodge 848 with BF 901 where we promised to keep their cloth an the altar and name an our letterhead.

March 1998:30th anniversary of BF 901.Rededication Ceremony of the Lodge,and afterwards a collation in the Lodge.Several members of Lafayette Lodge NO 51 Strasbourg, France and Freimaurerloge Allvater zum freien Gedanken at Lahr attended.

Notes of Interest...TheLodge was very fortunate in that Rt. Wor. Bro. Lens Hands, PGM of the Province of Austrasie(France)had allowed the Brethren of Fellowship Lodge 65,Marville to bring their Lodge Furniture,Ornaments and Jewels and most especially the Bible with them to Lahr.This was following the re-location of the Canadian Forces from France to Germany.

During the past   30 years the Lodge has actively supported many charities;including the Masonic Home for the Aged in Nova Scotia,Canada, and,the half-way-houses of the German   handicapped in Lahr.